Suck Tarzan
Why don't you like hair?

To me it represents dirty/unclean. I aspire to have a perfect body (I know I will never reach it) and to me, hair looks flawed.

Great blog sir. Great body too. Would be an honor to get you off. Are you bi? Into shaving your partners or do you prefer to come to you already smooth?

Thank you! Yes, I am Bi. A def Bottom. I love the smooth hairless body. Hair is a huge turnoff for me, so I’d have to say, come shaved already.

Dude you are fucking hot. Love the cock ring and shaved body

Thank You! I def enjoy sharing my body with the world. Check out my Twitter feed, and follow. @sucktarzan

Do you live in the rockies,I wanna suck your cock

Yes, I do live in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Hey, nice blog - love your selfies. I am all for completely shaven too. And lovely cock. Are you a top or bottom. I would love to suck and take your cock up my ass. Email if u wanna talk dirty. Johntross66 at gmail. XX

Bottom, but as of late, I guess I’m a vers. But I prefer bottom.
I don’t shave every day, that’s my 1st bit of advice. I shave no more than every other day. My other secret is, I get laser hair removal on my entire body. Best decision I ever made.

Love your blog,love all the diversity in the sexes,im into both,your hot and have a beautiful cock,would love to suck it

Thanks! I’m sure I could give you what you hope for. πŸ˜‰

Or there any tarzan's I can taste in Austin?

Sorry, can’t help you in Austin. πŸ˜’

Why so long without any post, my shaved cock misses them. I have to jack off to shitty porn!

😘 That is so sweet! I do apologize, I will try to get better. If you’re missing my posts on Tumblr, venture over to Twitter & take a look @sucktarzan

buddy you are one fine hunk of a man, ever get to south Texas look me up, would love to get naked with you =)

As long as you are shaved. πŸ˜‰

you ever want some road head and record it call me and let me ride your bronco cowboy style

That’d make any road trip well worth it! ☺️

Have you every been with another shaved cock.

Not as well shaved as I am, but most of the guys I have been with were trimmed short.

how big are you?

Last I checked I was 7 1/4” & 5” around.

Nice Body and Cock !!!

😘 Thank You! I love to workout & strive for a better body every day.

I love your blog and your shaved hard cock! I am also shaved and love the look of shaved pussy and cocks

Thank You! I would love to see a greater sweeping trend across the country of men & women shaving their genitals. It would make the world a much better place.

ME - Stars & Lips. Feelin’ Patriotic (and horny πŸ˜‰)

Check out my Sexy Tan Abs & Cock.

Kik me if you’re shaved: SuckTarzan

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